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Why is My Domino’s Pizza Voucher Code Not Working?

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as ordering a Domino’s Pizza with a big juicy discount. Pizza always tastes better when accompanied by a genuine saving; enabling you to enjoy more of the food you love.
At the same time, there’s nothing more infuriating than finding a fantastic voucher code for your next Domino’s Pizza, only to find it doesn’t work. You can practically taste the savings, only to be denied at the last minute.
The question is – why is the Domino’s Pizza code you’re using not working?
There are many potential explanations for voucher codes not working, but the following are the most common by far:

The voucher code has expired

The single most common reason for voucher codes not working is expiration. It’s worth remembering that while some codes remain valid for several weeks or months, others may only work over the course of 24 to 48 hours. Hence, it pays to be fast where the biggest and best deals are concerned.

You have already used the voucher

It could also be that you have already used the voucher you are trying to claim, or someone else in your household has used it. Most Domino’s Pizza vouchers can be used one time only per household.

You are attempting to combine offers

Domino’s Pizza coupon codes typically cannot be combined to boost the size of the discount on offer. If you enter one coupon code while placing your order, you will then not be able to use any other discounts (such as free delivery) on the same order.

The offer is not valid in your area

While many deals and discounts are available on a national basis, others are limited to certain localities. Always check the terms and conditions of the promo whether it is valid in your area, before using a coupon code.

The maximum number of codes available has been issued

The most generous Domino’s Pizza discounts are available in strictly limited numbers only. A discount code may be restricted to 500 orders, after which it will be automatically invalidated. Another great reason for being at the front of the queue, with our exclusive Domino’s Vouchers newsletter.

You haven’t copied and pasted it correctly

It could also simply be an issue with the accuracy of the code you have entered. Even something as simple as an additional space added to the published voucher code could be enough to render it invalid.