£5 Off Online Orders

If you are expecting to order from Domino’s online by the end of the month, the code ERHLPXLC will get you £5 off any order that is £20 or more. This voucher is valid from 06/01/14 – 04/02/14 so make sure you take advantage of it before it expires!

Hungry for more? Here’s a brief look at some of the most common questions we encounter at Domino’s Vouchers, and summarised answers for each:

If your voucher codes are published here, why subscribe to your newsletter?

For the simple reason that many of the best voucher codes available are issued in strictly limited numbers. If Domino’s Pizza states that just 1,000 coupon codes will be accepted before it becomes invalid, that’s all that’s available…period. You need to be at the front of the queue to make the most of the biggest and best deals, which is where our newsletter and alerts service could save you a packet.

Is there a limit to how many vouchers I can use per week or month?

Not necessarily. Most Domino’s Vouchers can be used on a one-time-only basis and it is not possible to combine multiple coupon codes into one order. However, there are usually no restrictions placed on the number of different deals and discounts you can take advantage of. The more often you order and the more you spend, the more you stand to save with Domino’s Vouchers.

Can I submit requests for Domino’s Pizza vouchers in my area?

You can, but you would need to submit them directly to your nearest Domino’s Pizza. Here at Domino’s Vouchers, we do not actually create or offer any discounts ourselves – we simply publish the best Domino’s Pizza coupons available from third parties.

Who actually provides these coupon codes?

Domino’s Pizza discount codes come from a variety of sources. They are sometimes published in newspapers and magazines, or made available online via certain websites. There are also some that are exclusive to Domino’s Pizza app users and even the kinds of discount codes and vouchers that are sent by post to registered customers.

Is it worth downloading and using the Domino’s Pizza app?

Yes, for the simple reason that many deals and discounts issued by Domino’s Pizza are exclusive to app users. Domino’s wants to get as many people as possible using its app, so you’ll often find special deals and discounts that are often only available via the app.

Who do I complain to if I am not satisfied?

Again, you will need to direct any of your questions or complaints regarding your order and/or your discount to Domino’s Pizza itself. We do not provide any voucher codes ourselves, and nor are we in any way directly affiliated with Domino’s Pizza. We simply help pizza lovers keep up with the best deals on their favourite takeout in their locality.